Contribute to your employees’ wellness through a YMCA partnership

A healthy work/life balance starts here! YMCA Calgary partners with some companies to offer their employees the benefit of a discounted YMCA membership.

Our Corporate Wellness program allows companies to offer their employees a 10% discount on monthly membership fees and an initial saving of $75.00. 


Corporate Wellness Membership Fees



Adult (26 yrs+) $75.35  
Senior (65 yrs+) $49.25  
Young Adult (18-25 yrs) $59.60  
Remington, Melcor, Shawnessy  EXTRA  
Adult Men (18+) $98.75  
Adult Women (18+) $98.75  
Senior Men (65+) $76.10  
Senior Women (65+) $76.10  


Click below to see if your company is on the list!


Corporate Wellness Company List

Want your company to join the Corporate Wellness program?

There are many great benefits for organizations wanting to join our Corporate Wellness program, including no premium to join. YMCA Calgary is a charitable organization, and we ask our corporate partners to actively promote YMCA Calgary as their reaction facility of choice.


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