Reach for the top at our four climbing gyms in Calgary

YMCA Calgary Shawnessy, Saddletowne, Shane Homes and South Health Campus locations have climbing walls available for members. All city-wide members may use any of the climbing walls for free.

New to climbing at the YMCA? Here’s what you need to know: 

  • No experience or equipment is needed to begin climbing.
  • Climbing is an inclusive sport that provides opportunities for all fitness levels. It is an activity for anyone four years and older. 
  • Open Climb is supervised by certified climbing instructors who support safe climbing experiences and answer questions. 
  • Automatic belay systems (Auto Belays) allow all users the opportunity to top-rope climb the wall.
  • Each location (Shawnessy, Saddletowne, Shane Homes and South Health Campus) offers regular Open Climb hours and Registered Program times. Registration is available online. 
  • Youth and preschool climbing courses and camps are available. Check our registration portal for more details.

Climbing Wall Waivers Required

Every participant needs to complete a waiver online before using the Climbing Wall. A parent or guardian must complete waivers for participants under the age of 18 years old.


Sign a waiver



Climbing Programs:  

Let your preschooler discover the basics of indoor climbing in this fun and safe program. Participants will learn to free-climb along the bouldering wall while engaging in exciting games and activities. Your child will develop spatial and body awareness as well as increased confidence and determination. 

Get a grip on the basics of wall climbing in this active program! Your child will learn useful skills such as beginner knot work, wall safety, setting routes and goals, and the importance of trust and communication in climbing. Through fun free-climbing and top-rope exercises, participants will build strength, stamina, and body and spatial awareness. 

Boost your child's confidence, strength and determination in this fun free-climbing and top-rope program! Participants will practice knot work, route setting, communication sequences, and climbing strategies, and will challenge their skills on the wall. Your child will learn the importance of safety and teamwork and further advance their climbing skills. 

Your child will learn the fundamentals of indoor rock climbing through games activities, bouldering, and top roping. Your child will learn about the figure-8-follow-through knot, harness, and climbing techniques. This course is designed to challenge your child’s understanding of rock climbing and promote mastery of skills and abilities.

Open climb sessions are 45 minutes in length and include the use of YMCA Calgary's TRUBLUE auto belays, bouldering walls and top rope climbing. If using the top rope, please bring an experienced partner 14+ who must pass a belay test before climbing. Participants under the age of 18 must use a floor anchor while belaying. No outside equipment is allowed. All participants must register to attend Open Climb.